I wasn’t comparing President Obama to Hitler

I wasn’t comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Nazis. I was recruiting him for the American Nazi Party. When I advised that my congregation shouldn’t vote for Democrats, I was not advocating for the Republican Party, I was suggesting that my congregation vote for the American Nazi Party. I apologize for my lack of clarity.

As Catholics, we must support our Hitler Youth Pope, Pope Benedict, XVIth!

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Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayette, NC needs your help

Pastor Harris worships GOPJesus and is working to defeat socialist Democrats. He has been attacked just like I have been. I refused to apologize. Unfortunately, Pastor Harris has apologized for telling his congregation to beat their gay children, but that is theologically appropriate and he should not have been forced to apologize. Pastor Harris needs our support!

More importantly, like me, he is working to get his congregation to vote Republican in the upcoming election. We must contact him and give him our support.

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I am not jenky, even if that is my name!

I am not jenky, even if that is my name!

Cardinal George of Chicago is most definitely jenky and His Eminence Pope Benedict XVIth is getting rapidly there. BUT, I AM NOT JENKY!!

Here’s the very offensive definition liberals are using to ridicule me:

JENKY 1) Crapping one’s pants: “Hitler had a nasty jenky that leaked right through his uniform.”

2) Briefs to make men’s junk look larger: “Mitt’s wearing  Mormon magic jenkies.”

3) Liar: “Cardinal George of Chicago is jenky.”

What can you expect from liberals who don’t believe in GOPJesus?

Not much, apparently!
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Ayn Rand for Saint

I am investigating the possibility of nominating Ayn Rand to Sainthood. Some claim she worshiped the dollar, but I believe that is a misreading of her philosophy.

I have been consulting His Eminence, Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Laws for the Causes of Saints to determine if an atheist can be nominated for sainthood. Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) influenced my thinking on this and brought me to the conclusion that survival of the fittest and individualism are the true foundations of God’s plan for us here on Earth.

Representative Ryan spoke passionately of Ayn Rand’s philosophy in a speech to the Atlas Society. In part he said:

“when you take a look at where we are today, ah, some would say we’re on offense, some would say we’re on defense, I’d say it’s a little bit of both. And when you look at the twentieth-century experiment with collectivism—that Ayn Rand, more than anybody else, did such a good job of articulating the pitfalls of statism and collectivism—you can’t find another thinker or writer who did a better job of describing and laying out the moral case for capitalism than Ayn Rand.”

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I am not a glutton

I love my Nazi Cross. It was sent to me by a German Nazi friend who is 107 years old and who has lived in Argentina since the 1940's.

I love my Nazi Cross. It was sent to me by a German Nazi friend who is an amazing 107 years old and has lived in Argentina since the 1940’s. It is rather slimming due to its large size. Don’t you think I look great?

Gluttony is a sin, and I promise you I am not a glutton, I just have a gland problem.

Since I am a “Bear”, I love to dress up in comfortable and loose fitting gowns. I am planning a fashion gallery soon so you can see all of my fabulous vestments and how I have had swastikas beautifully added to them.

I’m not egotistical.

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My Cathedral could be the first in United States to dsplay Nazi Swastika

This is the proposed addition of the Nazi Cross at the entrance of St. Mary's Cathedral of Peoria, Illinois. Isn't this a beautiful way to show our pride in National Socialism?

As you already know, I am the Bishop of Peoria. Through my guidance and much prayer, we have decided it is time to move to the next step in our recruiting program to National Socialism. Here is a rendering of the entrance to St. Mary’s Cathedral displaying the Nazi Cross above the entrance.

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